The United States Volunteers of America, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) Veteran Service Organization (Authorized Provider, Level III, EIN # 74-3043375) PO Box 810, Danville CA 94526

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United State Volunteers, Inc

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The United States Volunteers - America, Inc

The United States Volunteers - America, Inc.

A non-profit organization that provides Military Funeral Honors for Veterans.

The USV-A has units throughout the United States.

The primary mission of the USV-A is Military Funeral Honors; member units may be involved in many other community services providing Color Guard services for Veteran ceremonies and public affairs projects.

The USV-A is not an agency of the US Government, but subscribes to public laws, regulations of the Department of Defense and the Department of the Army; however, USV is not an affiliate or in any way part of the United States Army or the Department of Defense. USV is not a militia and does not have or pertain to have constabulatory powers nor does USV consider itself a paramilitary organization.

The USV is a U.S Department of Veteran Affairs Veterans Service Organization (VSO) authorized to provide Military Funeral Honors, it is recognized by Veterans Administration Medical Centers Voluntary Services Program as an Honor Guard; each State’s National Guard as AP3 Honor Guard certifies USV units for MFH and works closely with VA National Cemeteries. The USV-A is a non-combat ceremonial organization using a military style structure of organization; members receive no pay for their services, receive no VA benefits and are never deployed as a defense force.

Persons dedicated to providing the United States Volunteers Military Funeral Honors Mission are eligible and approved for membership in accordance with USV-A regulations.  USV members must maintain timely payment of annual membership dues, complete Honor Guard training and be active members in of Military Honors Details. As a general rule most members have served under honorable conditions with prior military service. However, Patriotic citizens eighteen years or older may also be eligible to apply for membership as a member in the USV-A Auxiliary.

United States Volunteers takes its heritage from Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, the last volunteer cavalry unit to serve the U.S. which was officially called the UNITED STATES VOLUNTEERS and wore as their collar insignia USV.  AS a CAV UNIT, USV members are called Troopers.  USV Troopers wear modified U.S. Army uniforms with distinctive insignia, rank and historical buttons that do not bear the Great Seal of the Nation; uniforms are in compliance with AR670-1 Chapter 30 in accordance with rules as a military association. USV Troopers may only wear uniforms during the performance of ceremonial duties, during training, for meetings and conferences.  USV Troopers are authorized to wear uniform accouterments from their service in the U.S. Military and accepted Allied Military but these uniform devices must be on USV uniforms in accordance with USVR 670-1.

Troopers train and are certified in accordance with AP3 and TACOM regulations using only ceremonial rifles specially adapted for blank ammunition. Rifleman duties are restricted to persons who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces or who have successfully completed a government approved firearms safety course and have a current certificate verifying the successful completion of such government approved firearms safety course.

Troopers exercise their membership privileges as approved and authorized by the USV-A Board of Directors. Chartered USV Units have all rights afforded under state nonprofit public benefit corporation laws. USV has only volunteer members that are non-paid professionals. Members pay initial fees and annual dues to belong and pay all their own expenses, including purchasing their own military uniforms and equipment and providing their own transportation to and from services.


USV-A provides Troopers to perform funeral details with buglers, flag folders, riflemen, color guards, bag pipers and drummers and Caparisoned horses and does not charge for Military Funeral Honors services, however, tax-deductible donations may be accepted.

Volunteers are needed to provide Final Military Honors Teams to honor Veterans. The USV-A provides training and proficiency for final honors and color guard teams.

Additionally, USV Troopers provide community services and ceremonial color guards for various Veteran and local celebrations.  However, USV Troopers are not permitted to function as a USV unit and individual members cannot wear USV uniforms for any type of emergency volunteer work.


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